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Anderson Replacement Window

Note: often misspelled as Anderson Replacement Windows (actually spelled “Andersen”) however most people use the incorrect spelling so we are using that here to help you find the information you need more easily on the web.

Andersen / Anderson

America is the Land of the Free, and the home of quality window companies. Anderson Corporation is an American business that was founded in the year 1903 by a Danish Immigrant by the name of Hans Andersen. Today Andersen Corporation is a huge business employing more than 14,000 individuals all across North America. That’s all fine and good, but now you’re probably wondering what that has to do with your windows. Well actually, what we’re going to look at today are Anderson Replacement Windows.

When you consider Anderson Replacement windows you’ll find that there are many different styles. You’re probably going to investigate vinyl because they have a much better R-factor. This means that they do a great job of keeping air confined to the house instead of having it leak outside. This lowers your power bill significantly.

When you’re looking at the Anderson replacement window, you’ll need a specific style for your house, and when you choose Anderson replacement windows you’ll discover you have almost no limit on the styles that you can choose in terms of glass window replacement. So let’s  look at the different styles that are available from Anderson, and from there you can decide which is best for your home!

Casement: This window style be opened in two ways. It can open on the right, and it can be opened on the left depending on which type you buy. These are great for letting in light, though what they do lack is the ability to ventilate. Since each window can only open in one direction, the only way you are going to get decent ventilation is if the wind is blowing in the direction of the window opening.

Double Hung: This is probably one of the more common types of windows that you will see. They’re fairly new, because the older windows were full frame, and this one actually has two frames. The biggest benefit to this type of window is you don’t have to open it like a casement or awning window.

Awning: This is generally a type of window that is set above a door. It opens outward and is normally operated with a crank or electric motor. These have both interior and exterior finish so they’ll look attracticve on either side of the door.

Picture: This is also known as a stationary window, and it’s called this because it doesn’t move. It does let a lot of light in, but you can not open it. If you were looking for a window that provides adequate air flow, then this is not choice to consider, so you’ll need a different type of window.

Those are a few of the different Anderson replacement windows that you can purchase. Keep in mind that the best type you can get is vinyl, and make sure that you get the right style. You’ll have to look at your house closely in order to determine exactly which style is best, because there are certain windows that are best for certain locations. Above all, make sure it’s something that you enjoy!

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