Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

You already know you need to conserve energy throughout the year. Even if you are not concerned about the environment, installing energy efficient replacement windows will put money back in your pocket.

Energy consultants estimate about half of your heating and cooling dollars are being lost though old windows and doors. Energy efficient replacement windows are the first step in stopping the flow of money. You may be wondering how new windows could possibly have such an impact.  Today’s manufacturers have created some innovative ways to make windows more energy efficient.


When several glass panes are assembled as a unit, you get what is commonly referred to as glazed glass or insulated glass. The added panes and the gases trapped between them result in higher insulation and more energy savings. The most common has been double paned but due to recent increases in energy costs triple insulated glass units are becoming more popular.


In order to reduce heat even more and prevent moisture from forming on the inside of a double or triple glazed window gas is introduced. This provides more insulation against heat loss.


To increase the energy efficiency many people choose to use tint to reduce heat coming in during the summer. Tint reflects the solar heat from the sun and in effect will keep your home much cooler, which means you can turn up the thermostat on your central air and remain comfortable. Tints are available in green, grey and bronze colors.


Instead of tinting many times customers or contractors will choose to go with coating. This is a thin layer of polyester or metal blends that further insulate the glass and can even give you a one-way glass appearance.

Imagine the many ways to customize your energy efficient replacement windows. Some of the attributes above can be combined to give you higher insulation properties, for instance a double insulated window with gas filler and tinting will be much more efficient than just the double paned glass. Much of what you will choose depends on where you live and the windows you are replacing. Some windows receive more direct sun for a longer period than others and accordingly you may want to adjust the type of windows used based on the windows location.


Energy efficient replacement windows can make a huge difference in your comfort, heating and cooling bills plus add to the overall value of your home. Even if your home is new construction, you can benefit from energy efficient windows since in most cases builders use the cheapest product they can find while replacement windows are custom sized and ordered. Call Easy Glass and Construction today and set up a time to get your replacement windows installed, the sooner you do the sooner you will be able to enjoy lower utility bills.

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