Home Window Repair

Home Window Repair

Are you dreading the project of having windows that need repair?  Maybe even a simple job of sliding door screen replacement? After all, they’re exposed to the outdoors and we demand a lot of performance from them over a long time.  A certain amount of repair is certainly appropriate. The issue that many homeowners face is that there are hundreds of different types of windows, all with their own styles and their own hardware. Buying the wrong replacement parts or fitting them into the window incorrectly can leave your home drafty and cold or might even result in rapid deterioration, promote mold, and rot.

Consider how old your windows are, and whether you’re familiar with the window design. If you live in an older house, you’ll discover that you might have to deal with a broken wood sash window that comes complete with a broken rope and a cast iron counterweight! However, if your home is a bit newer, you’re going to be dealing with things like spring loaded jambs, which can mean you’re going to need to deal with a modern spring balance. Make sure that you know what the style of your window is before you get started.

When your window is having trouble opening or closing, unfortunately, you may have to take the entire jamb out. Remember there are many moving parts to your window. Before you get started with an intense project of home window repair, remember that you should have all the parts together you need before beginning the job. There are so many different window types and styles available that naming all the parts for them would be difficult. Contact Easy Glass & Construction and try to find the model of the window that you are working with.

Of course, you might be more interested in home window glass repair. Lots of things can unexpectedly break our windows, whether we are careless, a rock was thrown or a ball went wide. When looking at glass repair, remember that you might simply need to remove the old putty that holds the window in. Chances are fairly good that you will see small metal clips that hold the glass against the mortised frame. Getting the clips removed can be tricky and you need to replace them when you have the new glass in. Be careful, because doing this wrong can result in a glass pane that will fall outwards on the ground below!

What are your needs when it comes to home window repair? The truth of the matter is more and more you as others have realized it’s less expensive in time and money having professionals take care of your windows for you. Not only are you saving yourself time, you might also be saving yourself money; having a window repair job go wrong can be prohibitively expensive.

By taking the right steps, you can make sure that this home window repair in Central Southern Indiana doesn’t turn into a nightmare! We can help.

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