Home Window Screens

Home Window Screens

When spring arrives and the weather warms up we all like to open the windows and air out our homes. During this time we usually clean, rearrange furniture, and repair any damage done to our homes from winter weather. Unfortunately, one type of damage often costly and difficult to repair is screen damage. Screen damage can happen to doors but it is most prevalent in aluminum window screens.

A typical apartment window will be of the standard vertical sliding design. You grab the ledge at the bottom and pull the window up to open. In most cases there will be another layer to the window outside that has a screen in it. This is removable for cleaning and isn’t exactly the most durable piece of equipment on the planet. These types of windows are also installed in homes all across the world and can be a hassle to repair.

When bad weather hits and damages your fiberglass window screen, you obviously need to have it repaired. This screen keeps insects, arachnids, loose paper, and anything else that might be airborne from simply floating into your home. No one likes to have a newly born spider balloon into their bedroom so it’s advised to clean and maintain your insect screen often. But what do you do when simple maintenance can’t repair the window screen frame damage?

You could try to repair it yourself but that’s risky with a mesh window screen. Most screens are made of metal and if you try to repair them without using the proper precautions you can injure yourself. Not to mention the fact that the frame said screen is mounted in might not be easy to disassemble. The best thing you can do is hire a professional to see to the repairs.

The people that specialize in installing doors, windows, and anything related are usually your first bet to repair any damage to your screen window. After all who better to repair a screen than someone who installs them for a living? Another saving grace for doing it this way is that professionals often have insurance. Even if you can repair solar screens yourself there’s no guarantee that you might not accidentally break something in the process.

This leaves you having to pay for completely new materials to start over and if you don’t own your dwelling the landlord might have choice words for you if you’ve caused a window screen repair inadvertently. On the other hand if a professional accidentally breaks something then their insurance will cover the cost of new materials, the labor, and your landlord or apartment manager won’t be mad at you.

Your screen window is a very important part of your home. It keeps an immense amount of unpleasant things from simply walking, crawling, flying, or floating into your home. Calling a professional repair service is the best thing that you can do for window screen replacement of any damaged screens in your home.

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