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There was a time in our history when furniture and décor were purely for utilitarian or functional purposes, when the aesthetic appeal of a room was not much of a consideration at all to the homeowner. Today, to combat the stresses of a hectic world, our homes have become our havens. From themed rooms to game rooms, from spa-like bathrooms to luxurious sitting rooms, the way a room is decorated can directly reflect the homeowner’s style and immediately put you and your guests at ease in comfort and style. Updating a home with decorative free-standing and wall mirrors can be an excellent, budget-friendly way to boost a home’s value and pizazz by increasing its visual appeal and transforming to a comfortable environment.

Tranform your domain into a luxuious space that feels open and spacious.  Decorative mirrors of any shape and size used in place of artwork to add interest to a decorating scheme, while large wall mirrors visually increase the size of your room. Mirrors also offer the added bonus of light reflection, so a room with very little natural light will easily brighten up with the addition of mirrors. When remodeling a home, remember the often over-looked bathroom mirrors. Because vanity mirrors are often the focal point in small bathrooms, they can easily be used to guide the style and overall feel of the space. Finally, floor mirrors are very versatile because they can easily be moved from one room to another, and can be used to visually separate a section of your room.

Any mirror with an interesting shape, an intricate frame, or a beautiful color can be considered a decorative mirror. Sometimes several small decorative mirrors can be grouped together to create a mirror collage on an accent wall, or used individually in a small space such as an entryway or utility room. Decorative mirrors are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit any space and any décor aesthetic. They can also be purchased in an array of shapes, from square to circular and even octagonal. With so many options, the home decorator is sure to find the perfect combination.

Custom decorative mirrors are like pieces of jewelry for your room.  They are functional, beautiful and add that special sparkle that no other accent piece can.

Large wall mirrors are another decorating option. Choosing the right large wall mirror has less to do with the shape or the frame as it does with the dimensions. Large wall mirrors intended to visually increase the dimensions of a room should be measured and placed carefully so they achieve their intended goal while still allowing room for placement of furniture in your home. The shape of the mirror must also compliment the wall where they will be viewed.  A particularly long wall looks best when augmented by a long, narrow rectangular mirror hung horizontally.

A small, dark room will be immediately brightened with the addition of a mirror. Be sure to consider the dimensions of the room and the room’s purpose before selecting the mirror or mirrors that will be used. A small room, for example, is probably not the best place for a free-standing floor mirror.  It will leave little room for walking safely or positioning other furniture. A wall-mounted mirror hung opposite the main light source is generally a better choice in these situations.

Vanity mirrors are not only functional, but can change the mood and appearance of the entire bathroom. The size and shape are critical in creating an overall design, as are the frame colors and materials. The vanity mirror must be complementary to the other fixtures in the bathroom as well as the lighting elements.

With so many options available in mirrors for your home in terms of size, shape, and style, it can sometimes be difficult or frustrating for you to find the perfect selection. Most retail mega-stores will have a limited selection and will not allow the option of custom sizes and colors. To get the best value for your dollar, the most convenient, cost-effective choice is to purchase all of your mirrors from Easy Glass & Construction that specializes in making certian you are happy and guiding you through the whole process.  Easy Glass & Construction provides custom cut mirrors to your exact needs and specifications – Choose “Premium 1st Class Service” for a free custom mirror quote.

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