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Fogged insulated windows are unsightly and unhealthy for you – not to mention how annoying they are.  We will repair or replace fogged windows, broken single pane, whether it be annealed or tempered safety glass for you. We fix broken, cracked, shattered windows or a window that just won’t stay up.  We specialize in making you happy.  In fact we Guarantee you’ll be happy and satisfied with our work.  You’ll be so happy with your experience, you’ll be looking for the next person to share it with.

You should know that Windows that don’t stay up usually need balances or jamb liners. Balances are for vinyl windows and jamb liners are for wood windows. Not only can we repair your current windows without replacing the entire window, we can also order replacement windows and wood sash replacements. Our qualified technicians can also repair rotten wood if required.

There are several parts on windows that can be replaced such as tilt latches or window locks and cranks, we’ll help you determine the exact fix and advise you on the process required to complete your window repair project quick and easy.

Many older windows have storm windows that can be re glazed (i.e. put new glass in the existing frames) or Easy Glass and Construction can also order new Triple Track Storms.

Contact a window repair specialist today at 317-455-EASY(3279) and ask our qualified estimators to come out and give you a free estimate. You’ll be glad you called.  Or for the fastest service click on “Premium 1st Class Service.”

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