Storm Window Repair

Storm Window Repair

When you prepare your home for harsh weather, you’ll find that it’s imperative you address your storm windows. Storm windows are a common sight in almost all areas, but you would be surprised how many people let them fall to disrepair. Even if your storm windows are in less than ideal shape though, it is important to realize that they can be repaired; even if you hire someone else to do it, you’ll discover that this is a lot less painful than dealing with the installation of a new window! What kind of storm window repair tactics are you going to need to learn about?

The first thing that you are going to need to address is cracked or broken glazing. Without a tight seal and unbroken glass, you’ll discover that your storm windows are only going to be marginally effective. Because of this, you’ll need to purchase additional glazing while keeping in mind that the glazing you purchase should be roughly 2mm or 1/6th of an inch smaller than the inside of your window frame. Keep in mind the fact that glazing will expand and contract with temperature and conditions. It is important to account for this, otherwise, you’ll find that your glazing will deteriorate or even fall out over time.

Another thing that prematurely ages your storm window is excessive condensation. Condensation can weather the window, making the working parts less effective and less easy to use and generally destroy your window over the long term. To fix this problem, locate the vent holes at the bottom of the window and make sure that they are clear. There are a number of things that can block them up, ranging from debris to dirt to insects and you’ll find that looking for a way to keep them clear can mostly solve this problem.

Also remember that paint can be a real problem when you are dealing with storm windows or aluminum storm window repair. Painting the frame and sash of a storm window might look more attractive, but make sure that you don’t paint the wrong area. If your paint drips or if you paint over something that you shouldn’t, you’ll find that your window might stop moving smoothly at all. Paint is another type of debris that can clog up your vent holes, and the tracks that your storm window runs on can also be impaired. Always use primer intended for galvanized metal and take pains to make sure that your paint won’t peel off in a few months’ time.

With all of that being said, remember that when it comes to dealing with storm windows, experts might be the key. This is an important aspect of home repair that too many people overlook; in many cases, getting a professional to do it can be worth it in terms of time investment and money investment. A professional might be precisely what you need to deal with the issue of your storm windows.

Consider what your options might be and what you can do to get the results that you are after; your storm windows are an important part of the weather-proofing of your home.

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