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Table Top Glass

Imagine the glistening beauty of a glass table top.  You’re wise to seek the services of a professional company when you’re in need of custom replacement glass for a table top,table top designs or glass top dining room tables. We specialize in cutting the exacting shape (for example; oval glass top tables) that will not only fit the table’s need, but reflect your discriminating choice and great taste as well. Our company can handle a variety of custom-cut table top glass projects no matter how small or large. Our glass tempering process can handle material as small as one-inch square. If you can imagine it, we can probably provide whatever shape you desire as a replacement tabletop. We can literally give you the cutting-edge.

Providing Beautiful Edge Work

We pride ourselves in the fact we can provide you with the best cutting-edge to your tabletop glass shape. Depend upon us for creating a standard or special edge on your glass. Our edge work is superior to none always providing glass tops that are safe to handle and be around. Be sure to ask us for a special quote when you desire custom-glass edge work. We always provide a standard edge finish – which is perfect for tabletop glass.

Advanced Glass Making Techniques

We also pride ourselves that we are a leader in advanced glass making techniques. Not so long ago, glass tabletops were extremely thick and fairly boring-looking transparent materials. Techniques used in the manufacture of glass today provide for greater degrees of thin, clear, and streamlined looks. Design philosophy nowadays is to have glass enhance the look of wood furniture and never disguise it. Since this new technology has been implemented, glass tabletops tend to blend in with the furniture and can be used in a variety of different applications including sideboards, desks, coffee tables, dressing tables and almost any other wood type of table-like furniture.

Better Protection

We believe that your glass tabletop should be the first line of defense protecting your wood furniture. Wood is an extremely soft material that is susceptible to harm from harsher man-made materials that are placed on it such as bowls or plates and other items like knives, and even paperclips. Any hard surface material can leave wood furniture scratched and dented. Therefore, using a custom-made glass tabletop is a great idea to prevent scratches and dents from happening. We realize this doesn’t have to be expensive either. After all, we cut glass, not diamonds. By the way, our glass tabletops are quite scratch resistant. This provides you with great value because it will be many years before you’ll have to replace the glass we provide for your tabletop.


Another great reason for using our custom glass tabletop cutting services is to provide a

Child-Friendly Surface

area where all their creative use of crayons never harms your valuable wood furniture.


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