Vinyl Window Repair

The Vinyl Window Repair Process

Vinyl windows are a great choice for many homeowners, due to their ability to fit a wider range of window frame sizes and their incredible energy efficiency. However, sometimes a window becomes damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced. Should you try to do the job on your own or try to call in a pro? Let’s take a look at what it takes to repair vinyl windows and why you shouldn’t do window repair unless you really know what you’re doing.

The exact repair method needed is going to be different depending on who made your window or the required windows replacement parts. Dual panes need to be fixed differently than single pane windows. There are a lot of pitfalls you can run into depending on the type of damage, the manufacturer of your windows, and how much experience you have. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for the average homeowner to repair a vinyl window.  However, it does mean that you need to think hard before you start working on your windows, so you don’t end up with a disaster on your hands.

First, you need to take a look at the windows replacement parts that are damaged. Decide if that’s something you can repair on your own, or if you think an expert would be better qualified. If there’s a chunk out of the sill or frame, you may be able to simply replace it (provided you’re a handy woodworker). However, if the glass itself is broken (especially in a double pane window), part of the vinyl is damaged, or similar problems have occurred, things are going to get a little trickier.

Most vinyl windows have removable trim pieces. That’s good news if you’re trying to deal with this kind of damage. If you have the knowledge and patience to track down the right supplier, you might be able to purchase a new trim piece and just substitute it for the old one without a lot of trouble. This can get harder if your vinyl window is an unusual color, of course. Matching will be tricky. But for plain white windows or similar colors, this can be a relatively simple fix.

If the problem is the glass, and the pane is small, you may also be able to replace the pane – as long as the window permits it. Some were not meant to be repaired by amateurs, and may take special tools or knowledge to repair. Large panes should also be left up to the professionals, since they’re harder to install without damage. Be sure you’re buying the right type and thickness of glass if you do decide to replace a pane, and remember – if you’re not sure you know what you’re doing, go ahead and call us for assistance, we are glad to help.

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