Window Repair or Replacement

Window Repair Or Replacement

Life is about choices. Do we drink sodas or juice? Do we watch a movie at the theater or in our home? Do we buy that shark hat we have been eyeing, now or later? Similarly, if you have windows in your home then it is highly likely that you will eventually need to choose whether to repair or replace one of them.

To Repair or Replace: That is the Question

The most “recent” trend is that homeowners have been replacing windows rather than repairing them. The main reason has basically been that the quality of windows has increased, while their prices have dropped during the past two decades. This has stemmed from the creation of fiberglass and vinyl windows, and improvements in the methods of window production. If you are able to hire installers to put in your windows, then buying replacement windows is certainly a worthwhile investment.

However, repairing your tired, old windows is still a viable option if you think you can save money or simply have sentimental attachment to them. Nevertheless, if your windows have a minimum of three of the following problems, then it is highly advisable that you consider replacing them:

* decaying or split muntins (the strip between panes of glass)

* unmovable lower or upper sash

* exterior trim that is ajar, cracked, decaying or altogether missing

* widespread penetration of water

* decaying or missing drip (outside shield above the window’s top)

* delicate or missing putty adhering the panes of glass to the muntins

* cracked or shattered glass

Consider replacement, but not too quickly

Ultimately, choosing to either replace your windows or to fix up the ones you have, is a judgment call. Replacement windows definitely provide several benefits, including lower utility bills, a more comfortable home, and a more attractive residence. However, you should consider a few important matters. While the cost of windows has dropped significantly during the past decade, they are nonetheless an investment. Many homeowners even refinance their homes, to cover the cost of new windows to avoid individual window repair.

Another important matter is that replacement windows can last for up to half a century. Because the windows have such a long life, you should not rush to purchase them. Consider factors such as how long you would need to pay for the windows.

Food for thought when replacing windows

If you indeed decide to replace your current windows, then here are some of the most important matters that you should consider:

* appearance: small changes can have a huge impact

* caulking: it must seal sufficiently

* energy efficiency: consider reflective film and weather-stripping

* fit: some parts dry out and shrink

* frame: several factors can damage the frame

* glazing’s: reduce heat while increasing light

* hardware: everyday use can impact hardware

* operability: paint can seal windows shut and parts can bind

* paint: painting wood windows can be pricey

* suitability: windows should meet the occupants’ needs

Should you fix your old windows or buy new ones? While the answer is never simple, asking the right questions will help you to find the best one and we are ready to help.

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