Window Replacement Options

Window Replacement Options

When you begin to replace windows in your home, you can consider many different options. Some of the window replacement options you can choose between include bay and bow, casement, gliding and sliding, double-hung, and even picture or combination.

A very common home window replacement option you may like to choose includes the double-hung windows. These are usually used in applications where you and other homeowners want the traditional look in their home. Double hung windows are common because they feature a top and a bottom sash that opens for the most ventilation you can get from a window. They also tilt in, which makes cleaning the windows very easy to do.

You may like to go with the gliding and sliding window replacement options. Gliding and sliding residential windows are considered perfect for some people. The gliding and sliding windows provide a nice view from the window even when your angle is from an unobstructed view. The gliding and sliding windows offer customization with a single operating sash or you can have a gliding picture window that has two operating sashes, which provide additional ventilation.

Casement window replacement is common and perfect for the hard to reach areas in a home, which might include in the tops of the ceilings or walls that you may never get to for cleaning. These windows have cranks on them to crank the window open and closed easily. The casement replacement windows are known to provide ventilation in a home, especially when there is a nice cool breeze.

Bay and bow window replacement is another option that you can choose from. These types of windows are perfect for changing the look and feel of a room entirely. They are known to create more space in a room by making it look bigger. Some people think the bay windows bring the outdoors inside. They are favored in small rooms that might be a little too small for your liking. Bay windows are the best way to increase the size of a room without paying for expensive renovations to a builder.

Another one of the many types of replacement windows includes the awning windows. The awning windows are often used in kitchens with a nearby counter that may hinder access to the window or make it difficult to reach. The awning windows are perfect in this situation. They have a unique bottom opening, which allows you to open the window in poor weather conditions for ventilation without bringing water and moisture inside your home.

Specialty windows are another option for replacement windows that you might choose. Specialty windows have the most customized look you can find. There are more than 12 different shapes that you can choose from when you’re looking at specialty windows. When you add specialty windows to a room, they add flare and a unique style that other homes lack. It’s a creative way to bring light into your home and add your own sense of style.

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