Window Replacement Prices

Window Replacement Prices

When it comes to window replacement prices, some careful shopping can certainly help you save money. Even better, though, when you have a professional contractor do the job for you, he or she will make sure the job is done right, and we also warranty our work.

What can you expect to pay in window replacement prices?

Again, the job includes everything, from removing the old glass replacement windows, preparing the opening, installing the new ones, and cleaning up and disposing of the old windows and the surrounding work area. As your contractor, we will also wash the new windows for you. In general, this type of job is going to cost anywhere from about $5,000 to about $40,000, the latter price being for an entirely new “window job” for your entire home.

A contractor will usually quote you an estimated replacement window price that is equal to the width and length of each window, added together; these are called “united inches.” So, for example, a 40″ x 40″ square window is 95 united inches.

What are the different materials used in window replacement?

In general, vinyl windows are going to be the least expensive and are pretty durable unless you live in very cold climates. In that case, you want to go with something that will withstand expansion and contraction caused by temperature extremes better, and the best of these is fiberglass. Fiberglass is more expensive than any of the other materials including wood, steel or aluminum in addition to vinyl, but it’s also going to save you more money over time, because it’s so much more durable and it does a much better job than the other materials do of protecting against wetness or outside air coming into your home. In other words, fiberglass generally provides a much better seal.

Should you do it yourself, or should you have it done for you?

If this is something you do for a living and you’ve done it before, then chances are it may be something you could do yourself; however, make sure you check into this and know you can do the job right. Hiring a professional contractor to do the job for you will not only ensure that the job gets done right, but it will also have several other benefits. For one thing, as your contractor, we will estimate a price including clean up and disposal of the old windows. In addition, as your contractor, we do the job right for you, and make sure the windows fit exactly right in your home, so that there are no leaks to let in bad weather or the outside air. So your energy efficiency is maximized.

It’s not cheap to hire a contractor to do the best job for you.  You can expect to invest  several thousand dollars, but it’s well worth the expense when you know the job is done right. That’s much better, after all, than trying to do it yourself and having to pay a contractor to come over and finish the job for you; that means extra expense and headaches you simply don’t need. So unless you are very well-versed in window replacement, hire a professional who gives you free estimates on window replacement prices.  We stand by our work and guarantee your satisfaction.  We make our customers happy and find the best window replacement solutions and window replacement prices.

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